In case you work with a database-driven script app for your website, all content that you or the website users add, will be saved in cells and tables in a database, not as simple text in the application files. In comparison, HTML sites are static and all the content on such a website is a part of the actual HTML files. An online store app, for instance, takes all prices, items, user reviews, and many others, from its database and this is the same for any kind of script that allows you to build a dynamic website. The more the information you put, the larger the database becomes, so if you use a script-driven site, you should make sure that your hosting package comes with enough database storage space. The latter applies regardless of what type of databases you are using - for example MySQL or PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Website Hosting
We supply a multitude of Linux cloud website hosting plans so as to provide you with a choice to pick the features that you truly need and never pay extra for attributes that you will not use. For this reason, the PostgreSQL storage is an additional upgrade which you're able to add using your Hepsia Control Panel to some of the plans; with others you'll get a pre-defined quota, while with the top-notch plans you get unlimited database space. Because you can quickly switch among the plans or upgrade particular attributes, you may start with a lower-end one and then upgrade when you want to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Of course, in case you wish to create such a website from the beginning, you will be able to pick the most appropriate plan which comes with PostgreSQL support as standard.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you order one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting plans, you will be able to manage PostgreSQL sites without worrying that you will reach any kind of restriction for the size of your databases, as there isn't such a restriction. When you use our cloud hosting platform, a dedicated group of servers manages the databases, thus when extra computing power or database storage space is needed at any moment, we just attach extra servers or hard disks. Unlike other providers, we do not manage everything on a single server. All our plans are quite powerful and allow you to operate heavy, resource-demanding websites, so we've made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage space attribute matches the rest of the capabilities. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel that is included with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to see the size of each PostgreSQL database that you have and even the total size of all databases, but these numbers are accessible exclusively for your information.